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Hey guys! Thanks so much for all your comments; I'm so glad you guys are liking the translations! I so wish I could share more with you all, but unfortunately I won't be able to translate anything till the after August. *sadface* I'm working at a cafe right now and finishing up my final thesis/dissertation/graduation paper/thing and so I don't have a lot of time to be translating right now. Both my job and paper should be finished by the end of August so after that I should have a lot more time freed up to do some more translating for you all!

Until then,
Thanks for understanding! (>.<)

p.s. feel free to keep leaving comments or messaging me. I love to read them and I'll try to reply when I can. <3 Also, snippets are always welcome. If you have something specific and already cut out that you really want to know what it's saying, I'd be happy to try and translate it if I have time. Choosing what/who to translate and cutting it all out takes a bunch of time, so if that's already done it will make a lot less work for me and I may be able to help you out. <3 <3 


OK! This is the last of the marriage ceremonies that I'll be doing~ These were requested by arisakjk19 Sorry it took so long~ (;-;) So without anymore further ado,
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- Popolo Junior Research Corner -

Do you read your own parts in Popolo magazine?
No: Juri, Kishi, Ren, Genta
Yes: Hokuto, Taiga, Yugo, Yasui, Myuto, Genki, Jinguji, Aran, Sho, Daigo, Ryusei, Koji

Hello, hello~ Today's snippet is brought to you by Popolo! lol~ They asked the juniors whether or not they read their own parts in the magazines. Maybe not the most interesting of answers, but it's nice to get a little peek into what they think about it.
QUESTION FOR YOU READERS: If you were in multiple magazines every month, would you read each one? Why or why not? (^_^)

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Iyoiyo, Introduction Time!

Name: Asami
Nicknames: Ami, Asa, Wasabi, Salami, Tatami, Hasami, Sasami, Chipmunk, Kevin (feel free to add to the list!)
Age: 19 (20, next month!)
Hometown: Hawaii
Currently Living in: ~JAPAN~
School: Graduating college this fall!!!
Work: Mostly volunteer English teaching at this point. (I have no money. *sadface*)
Fandoms: Johnny's Entertainment (especially juniors), Kpop (SMTown and various other groups)

That's the basics~ If you're interested, read more under the cut!
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And I'm back!!! Don't get too spoiled everyone, I was on a 4-hour road trip this weekend so I had lots of time to do translating. Unfortunately, I probably won't be this fast at translating all the time. (>.<) Anyways, last post before my self-introduction post and then I have a couple more requested wedding delusions and more SixTONES snippets that I will be eventually posting. (^3^) However, here are the selfie tidbits as promised! Honestly, Hokku's is my favorite. xD And with a theme like "Seduction" it isn't quite what you would expect from  the representative sexy junior. (^_~) Read them under the cut <3

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Hello again! An introduction entry is still in order, but since I had such a great response to my last post (and because these are too cute not to share already!), I thought I'd skip that for now and put up part 2 of "If you were to plan your wedding ceremony..."
I just picked juniors that I personally like or found interesting, so if there is a certain junior (or senpai!) that you want to see, let me know and I'll check to see if they answered. (^-^)b So now without further ado, here come the grooms~
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Hello! I suppose I should do an introduction entry, but that can come later. (^_~)v I've been working on some translations that I'm super excited to share with you all! August's edition of Myojo asked, "If you were to plan your wedding..." and they had a bunch of Johnny's answer. I have several other jrs done, but this first post has the answers of 4/6 of our SixTONES boys.
Read on to find out what they said!
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